Land Regeneration

As a green-thumbed change-maker, doing what’s best for your plants and the environment is at the heart of every decision you make. Taking care of your corner of the Earth, without toxic chemicals, is the foundation of your work in this world.
Join us as we lay out the practical steps and critical questions necessary to consider when building your own resilient homestead and/or build your own antifragile life. Some would argue that we live in a historical period of disruption, but here at 5th World, we believe that chaos gives birth to innovation. Read along we write a new, resilient, antifragile chapter in our collective story.
Understanding the land you live on will enable you to build a property or plant a crop that works with rather than against the realities of an ecosystem, weather system, or geographical location. This knowledge is critical to the regenerative agriculture journey and essential in building an antifragile life.
Conversations around topics like soil health, carbon sinking, sustainable land management, and topsoil regeneration are no longer the exclusive domain of industrial scale farmers and agricultural scientists. Read along as together we trace the rise of sustainable agriculture in our collective imagination.
The 5th World team unpacks terms like Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture, and Organic Agriculture for those new to the conversation.
Recently famed researcher Ernst Götsch sat down via Zoom to give some insight about the future of agriculture, drawing from his vast experience of life and work. Read along to learn more about his journey and to draw inspiration for your own regenerative agriculture journey.
Co-Founder Rob Avis began his career as a petroleum engineer. Read along to learn how this industrial energy expert reoriented his life and devoted his career to championing renewable agriculture, mobilizing a global permaculture revolution.