The quest to regenerate your land yields a more joyful, abundant life. It’s our mission to help you embrace it.

Follow a proven process for regenerative land management.

Your journey in land regeneration begins with the vision of a hopeful, abundant future for your loved ones. You picture them thriving on a property overflowing with life for generations to come.

Inspiration comes easily in land regeneration, but a clear pathway is harder to find. Regenerative land management is an exciting, emerging conversation full of opinions and ideas, but finding an authoritative voice and clear guidance in the midst of it is easier said than done.

Without a proven process to follow, your land regeneration project risks losing colossal amounts of time and money on guesswork and inefficient strategies. We believe you should never have to endure the heartbreak that accompanies a stalled, confused quest to build a resilient future for your family.

We share your sense of urgency and your concerns about the fragile state of our planet. That’s why we’ve spent years developing an industry-leading, proven consulting process for maximum impact in land regeneration.

5th World’s field-tested consulting process forges a powerful intersection between regenerative land management techniques and engineering expertise. By combining the trailblazing concepts of land regeneration with engineering disciplines, we develop a laser-sharp strategy for your project before the work on your land ever begins. Then, we use our project management expertise to transform your land into a resilient, anti-fragile ecosystem.

Here’s how your journey begins:


Learn more about the land regeneration process while we assess your property’s fit for our consulting services.


Develop a clear vision for the future of your land and perform in-depth analysis to determine whether your property can support your goals.


Build the strategic foundations of your project, and your journey to a resilient, secure future begins.

Guiding Principles of
5th World Consulting

There are many reasons to take on the challenge of Land Regeneration. These three pillars drive us forward in our work, and they will sustain you as well.


Our world’s ecosystems are collapsing. We need landowners who are willing to show the world a hopeful path. Even though it often feels like the world is falling off of a cliff, humans can be just as regenerative as we are destructive!


As much as regeneration is about survival, it is also about living in abundance and hope! There is great joy in building an anti-fragile, holistic, resilient ecosystem that provides a bountiful supply of food, water, and energy for your loved ones.


Without a clear process to follow, the work of regenerating your land overwhelms as you try to solve every problem at once. We help you figure out where to focus your efforts for the greatest impact.

What is Land Regeneration?

That’s a big question, but here is the first thing you should understand. Rather than attempt to control nature, regeneration is a way to work WITH it. Your land knows how to heal itself, and the Regenerative Paradigm in agriculture is the key to designing an antifragile, resilient ecosystem. 

We are better than nature.

The Degenerative Paradigm sees humans above nature, taking what they want without respect for the consequences. It asks, “How do I get more?”

We are worse than nature.

The Sustainable Paradigm is a stark reaction to the Degenerative. It views humans as the problem and asks, “How do I cause less damage?”

We are nature.

The Regenerative Paradigm sees humans as part of a community in partnership with all living things where everyone can thrive. It asks, “How do I do more good?”


the best property for your goals using our Pre-Purchase Consulting services.

the best property for your goals using our Pre-Purchase Consulting services.


your land through our proven Land Regeneration Consulting process. 


your land’s resilience by adding an innovative greenhouse to your property.

your land’s resilience by adding an innovative greenhouse to your property.

Meet our team

Jeffery Bilow

Director of Consulting

Jeffery Bilow is grateful to have found a team of like-minded colleagues at 5th World who share his commitment to fostering advancements in regenerative agriculture. Jeffery transitioned from a life in traditional ranching to become a senior agricultural industry leader in the adoption of regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices.
He has amassed a diverse wealth of experience which he uses to serve our consulting clients at 5th World, having worked in ag production, technology, regenerative practices, operations, sales, marketing, and strategy.

This broad experience and his commitment to building strong business relationships give him the ability to generate conversations and connections between the many camps needed for agriculture to adopt regenerative practices at scale: farmers, industry leaders, scientists, policymakers, and consumers.

He’s also committed to innovation in the technology needed for the widespread adoption of regen ag, emerging technologies like precision farming, AI-driven monitoring systems, and blockchain traceability.

Jeffery is leading the charge at 5th World to make regenerative practices scalable and achievable for farmers worldwide. His commitment to the future of our food supplies and environment and his belief in 5th World’s hopeful vision of the future drive him forward every day in pursuit of excellence and innovation in service to our clients.

Rob Avis

Co-Founder, Professional Engineer & Senior Advisor

Rob Avis is a leading voice in the land regeneration movement. He has combined an extensive background in engineering with a passion for regeneration to develop a clear process for regenerative land design and management.

His background in engineering gives Rob a unique insight into the complexity of a land’s ecosystem and the ways in which systems can work together to create resilient, antifragile supplies of food, water, and energy. 

Rob’s background was as a Mechanical Engineer in both industrial food processing and industrial energy (oil and gas). 

Conflicted by the practices he saw in place in those industries, Rob left the world of oil and gas in 2008 to learn everything he could about better ways to care for and manage our natural resources.

Rob studied renewable energy in Denmark for 6 months and the principles of permaculture for 3 years. 

After that, he launched two businesses to help educate and empower landowners with a passion for regeneration. 

Verge Permaculture was founded in 2008 and quickly became a premier permaculture design and education company, teaching the design process to more than 5,000 students. 

Adaptive Habitat was created to be a unique, cutting-edge design and management firm helping landowners apply the principles of permaculture and regenerative design. 

Now, 5th World Land Regeneration Consulting is Rob’s next evolution as a leader in the field. In this work he draws on more than 18 years of mechanical engineering experience. Rob specializes in the intersection of biology and thermo and fluid dynamics. This includes low energy consumption, water systems, passive solar greenhouses, irrigation, broad acre water harvesting, and renewable energy systems.

Most importantly, as Rob teaches other landowners the path forward, he’s living it himself. He currently lives on a 160-acre farm in central Alberta where he is building a multi-generational, regenerative farm that is built on the ecosystem principles he teaches on permaculture design and engineering.

Kelly Lamb

Director of Training

Kelly leads the 5th World consulting team with an unwavering dedication to the mission of restoring our planet’s natural systems. Her passion is to advance the field of land regeneration and empower as many landowners as possible to embrace its potential.

In her role as Director of 5th World, Kelly believes she has found a true calling and a culmination of her professional experience and education. Kelly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and International Studies, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. Her expertise lies in identifying root causes of complex problems and developing innovative solutions to address them.

Additionally, Kelly has an extensive background in marketing and communication, which empowers her to continually improve 5th World’s ability to articulate the key principles and strategies of regeneration to clients. 

Kelly also has prior experience in the agriculture industry and has witnessed the damage these industries have on the ecosystem. This drove her to study land regeneration & permaculture under Ben Falk in the intensive Applied Permaculture Design Course. She continues to study and learn the principles of regeneration through her collaboration with Rob Avis. 

In her initial work at 5th World, Kelly has focused on refining and strengthening the consulting process for clients. With a deep passion for problem-solving, team building, and strategy, Kelly has established herself as an accomplished and highly-respected team leader.

Kelly is committed to building strong, high-performing teams. Under her guidance, her consulting team has fostered a culture of collaboration and excellence which enables them to deliver outstanding results for their clients in turn. 

Luke Rosewood

Consulting Manager

Luke Rosewood is deeply inspired by the idea that we can create paradise-like, resilient human habitats that exist in harmony with natural ecosystems. 

He has dedicated his career to translating this inspiration into action. Luke has worked as a design/build contractor with a focus on land regeneration projects for more than 12 years. During this time, he was a partner in Leaf Ninjas Inc. (2010-2015) and reGenerate Design Ltd. (2015-2020). 

His experience includes the design and installation of 60+ projects ranging from small and large urban residences to schoolyard naturalizations, community gardens, public parks, farms, homesteads, and acreages in Alberta and British Columbia.

In late 2019, Luke and his wife Vanessa welcomed their twins to the world. So, in early 2020 he took a hiatus from working in the field to focus on spending time with his family and start transforming their urban homesteading lifestyle into a rural, regenerative one. He wants his family’s life to be a living example of the endless possibilities of regenerative land management.

Luke is excited to bring his experience and knowledge into the role of Consulting Manager for 5th World. He is passionate about helping our clients create their dream properties and discover the joy of seeing their land explode with life, abundance, and hope.